We Will Make Your Clothes Clean and Fresh

Our Profile

At The Laundrette Laundry Company we take a fresh and innovative approach to two of life's daily chores: washing and dry cleaning. Our aim is to apply loving care not only to your clothes, but to our customers, our staff and the environment, making each and every part of doing laundry just a little bit better. And the very best bit? We won’t be asking you to pay lots more.

Our Business

Our small business cares for thousands of residents, washing hundreds of kilos of personal laundry every week. We hope you'll give us a try, and if you have any suggestions or even complaints we hope you will let us know. We are always trying to improve.

At Laundrette, we promise to wash your clothes really well. We will love them like our own, doing our very best to avoid shrinking or dying mishaps and taking extra special care of anything delicate.

Our Work

Special Offers

Full Laundry - 9,90€

Get a Full Load (6kg) Wash, Dry & Fold done the professional way for only 9,90€

Dry Cleaning - Starting 4,90€

Environmentally friendly dry cleaning. Pickup and delivery of your laundry in 1-2 days.

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